Switching Off

After sliding out of bed at perhaps 7:30 this morning and fishing some running shorts from the long neglected “fitness” drawer, I knocked on various daughter’s bedroom doors, and asked if they might be running with me. Minutes later only Miss 15 made an appearance.

We ran more or less the same route we had at the weekend – the same intervals – the same rests. After perhaps half an hour we arrived back at home, stretched, and then took turns through the shower. I had just enough time to get changed, clear the kitchen, and make a coffee before work beckoned.

I don’t know why I’m such a stickler for “turning up on time” at work – even while working from home. I watched the clock while making the coffee, and fetching the work laptop – worrying that I wouldn’t be sat down and logged in on the stroke of 9am. Nobody would have seen me. Nobody would have noticed.

The day flew by – filled with meetings, online conversations with co-workers, and the design of a potentially huge future solution. Before I knew it, I had worked straight through lunch, and the end of the day was approaching.

For dinner we had baked potatoes with salad. I love simple, nutritious food. I know professional chefs often talk about ingredients rather than processes, but I think simple, tasty food wins out over fussy, complicated food every time.

This evening I’m trying to switch off for a couple of hours. I need it. A meteor shower is supposed to happen a little later – the Lyrids? – I’ll wrap up warm and sit outside with a cup of hot chocolate. Then perhaps a book before bed.

One reply on “Switching Off”

I’m with you on the simple food. I love when people have a passion for something, so I admire foodies for their enthusiasm, but beyond that they just mystify me.


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