Today was difficult. The design of something I have been working through for the last few days got ripped out from under my feet, and changed – causing a lot of re-work. I guess this is the reality of not wearing all the hats on a project. Not fun.

Anyway – I’m not supposed to write about work. It’s probably unprofessional. I need to learn about not being the project owner, and letting go – not worrying about timescales, deadlines, budgets, and outcomes. All I can really do is my best.

It took three (small) glasses of wine this evening to realise that all I can do is my best.

I’m now sitting in the junk room listening to loud music, and writing this. While writing, I’m downloading a load of music to put on the music system I inherited from our daughters. They are all decorating their rooms, which means I inherit everything they no longer want. I wonder if they’ll realise at some point that a music system sounds FAR better than a mobile phone ?

After I write this I’m going to get into a pretend aeroplane, and go for a fly. It helps take my mind off things.

I wonder if we have any chocolate anywhere? And I wonder how far I might run in the morning ?

2 replies on “Slogging”

Good God don’t tell the girls about audiophile quality sound! It’s an addiction, and not inexpensive. First it’s the components, then the wires then the acoustic properties of the house. And Lord! The never ending arguments over the warm tones of vinyl versus the precision of digital. No, no, don’t go there. Leave them to their phones, which, according to a report today, has ruined their entire generation.

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And, when outside forces tinker with, and interfere with your work, they’re only redefining the problem you are tasked to solve. It’s their dime. If they want to pay you so they can dither about changing directions, you can just wait quietly and solve each problem as it comes to you. Once, decades ago, there was a juvenile argument in our office in which the secretaries refused to wash dishes. Dishes need to be done. The partners certainly weren’t going to do them and we had an important meeting impending. So I did the dishes. It’s honest work and they were paying me my associate rate, on way or the other. Afterwards, one of the partners thanked me for averting bedlam. I responded by saying I didn’t mind doing what needed to be done, so long as they had no objection to paying attorney rates for my doing it. It had a way of reframing the dialogue over duties.

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