Monkeys and Music

I was going to go for a run this morning, but after realising the temperature was already nearly 30C at 8am, thought “maybe not”. Any thoughts of running this evening went out of the window when the humidity cranked itself up.

I chopped all my hair off again.

Our daughter has been clearing her bedroom out – which has resulted in my re-acquisition of an amigurumi monkey that my other half made me about fifteen years ago. He’s never had a name – he’s sitting on my desk now, under the desk lamp. It looks like he’s sitting under a sun lamp, working on his tan.

I’ve been listening to music all week while working. Loud music. I think this is probably a reaction to having my own work-space – we were never allowed music in the office. Now I have a continual stream of whatever music I want. After a few days listening to 80s stuff I started to get a bit bored of it, but a happy accident landed a new Alanis Morrissette album in front of me via Spotify, and then Wilson Phillips randomly made an appearance.

Oh, how I used to adore Wilson Phillips. Can’t imagine why 🙂

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