A Small Cog in an Enormous Machine

I feel a bit like a small cog in an enormous machine at the moment – going round and round, slowly becoming worn, and not going anywhere. I’m sure that’s a metaphor for something or other, but can’t be bothered to connect the dots.

After a spectacular thunderstorm last night, the temperature has finally dropped, bringing an end to the run of hot humid days. Shortly after the sky lit up and the clouds crashed towards the ground, one of our cats ran off into the darkness. We kept the door open for some time, but suspect he has a variety of places where he hides from the world. He re-appeared this morning – sitting in the middle of the kitchen, patiently waiting for somebody to fill his food bowl.

Our other cat – the massive ginger tabby – hid inside the back of the sofa. He’s always been scared of thunder and lightning. I didn’t even know he could still fit through the gap in the stitching.

We didn’t get to bed until perhaps 2am, and then of course I had to get up for work this morning. At least the commute is short at the moment… about five yards from the bathroom, and ten yards from the kitchen.

I’m not entirely sure how I got through the day. Perhaps an early night would be a good idea. We know I’m going to still be here, noodling around with the computer at midnight though, don’t we.

One reply on “A Small Cog in an Enormous Machine”

In my youth, I could pull an “all-nighter” without cost. No more. If I don’t get at least 4 solid hours, I’m a mess. Of course, my reasons to be up all night have diminished, too. I’ll do it for a good storm, and I am a bit of a night owl, but I’m no party person, and I don’t have papers to write or many deadlines. What keeps me up now, from time to time, is intensity. Some project–either writing or working on the house–has gripped me and I need to stay up to see how it turns out. I’d like to turn it off…but it’s just how I’m wired.
We’re all small cogs–in multiple machines, some of our own making. I am a needed (but expendable) intimate part of some lives. In some roles–working–I am needed, but only for what I can do for them. In others, I combine those connections with friendship. And in every one, I am some kind of a cog. I get my part, too. I have projects and connections that are important to me–and not to anyone else. But some of those other cogs are essential to that. So it’s all interconnected…much like the image you chose for this post. The balance is in making sure there are enough of those things that matter to you in the mix.


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