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I’m sitting at the desk in the junk room, listening to Sarah Bareilles. She has become a favourite for the quiet moments. It’s Saturday afternoon – with one day left until I return to work. I’m quietly reading, writing, and noodling around the internet in search of rabbit holes.

My other half is preparing a “cream tea” in the kitchen – scones, cakes, tea, and so on. My first instinct when I realised she was washing a teapot and various cups and saucers was “great – that will be an hour of washing up then”.

I’m not sure if I’ve ever told the story about the disposable party plates, cups, and cutlery I saw in a discount store one time? I remarked that if we bought three or four boxes full, we could throw everything away after every meal, and not have to wash up for an entire year. For some reason my other half wasn’t impressed.

I ordered a new Bullet Journal last night – to record happenings over the next year. I also ordered a couple of Filofax calendars, and some gel pens. I have no idea where all the damn pens go around here. When the new pens arrive, I’m going to hide them, and only leave one or two in the desk tidy – then hunt them down whenever any of the kids or my other half “borrow” them.

I thought about buying a new Moleskine notebook too – but have one already that is only half-full. To be honest, it’s becoming increasingly rare that I write in a paper journal any more – I have this blog, I have Twitter, and of course the Bullet Journal – so it’s a bit of overkill. There’s only so much you can record, before you end up recording what you’re recording – like I’m doing right now.

I have been wondering about resurrecting the podcast at some point. I talked to an old friend just before Christmas that is interested in doing an episode – talking about her journey on the internet. We’ll see. If you’re interested in telling your own story at some point, let me know.

It occurred to me yesterday that I’ve not really included myself in anything online for some time now. I’ve not stopped by and said “hi” to anybody in an instant message, or an email. Perhaps I should make that a weekly goal – to remember to be brave and step outside my fortress of solitude a little more often.

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I’ve recently picked up a variety of teas. There was a time a few years back when I was writing more and had a cup of tea every afternoon. It felt delightfully pampering. I’m trying to do more self nourishment this year. 🙂 Pens disappear in my house as well!! I’m pretty sure there’s a pen fairy around somewhere that hoards everyone’s pens. I hope you all are having a lovely Saturday.

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‘Sweet sun, send me the moon. Empty the skies out, bringing me one step closer to you.’ Sigh. Sarah Bareilles has the most beautiful, poetic heart. She is always welcome in my quiet moments. 🥰 Ps: the podcast sounds like a WONDERFUL idea.

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As someone who has always loved a good pen and gravitated towards fountain pens, I wonder if your gel pens go missing because you don’t care about them. I think we find it completely natural to pay attention to the things we value, but if we don’t have any emotional attachment to an item we are much less likely to even notice what we are doing with it. We become careless and the items go missing. It is also my experience that most other people are less likely to walk off with a pen they designate as distinctive or “posh” and know belongs to a specific person than with a generic ballpoint or gel pen that is just the same as a hundred others. It’s not a complete deterrent because thieves think differently, but it cuts down the opportunities for “losing” things and certainly makes it easier to point out the object belongs to you if someone does walk off with it.

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