Sixteen Becomes Seventeen

My middle daughter began celebrating her seventeenth birthday this morning. How did that happen? Where did all the time go? The last time I looked she was holding my leg at the infant school gate.

She dragged us all out of bed early to sit around the breakfast table and watch her open cards and presents. She has no idea a local pub will be delivering pizza to the house tonight.

Sometimes you feel like your life has been standing still for months, or even years – and then you look around and wonder what happened.

In other news, I somehow managed not to write anything in the blog for the last four days. I don’t know how that happened either. There’s a lot of things I don’t appear to know much about any more.

2 replies on “Sixteen Becomes Seventeen”

Happy Birthday to the middle child. (I am a middle child, I get it.) And things do slide by. We’ve been distracted by major events in government but, in truth, I must finish insulating the basement, and there are seeds to order for Spring. Where does the time go?


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