Reorganising my Life

For the last few months I’ve been experimenting with an online swiss-army-knife called “Notion”, that allows you to record notes, compile databases of information, and so on. It has a wonderful interface, and can be transformed to solve most use-cases – a veritable rabbit hole that promises all sorts of productivity games. I started using it for more and more bits and pieces of my life – storing blog blog posts, writing articles, keeping code snippets, and so on.

And then it went down. For almost an entire day. With no updates from the management team. At all.

So yesterday evening I started migrating everything away from Notion. Initially I thought about returning to Evernote – and even tweeted about it – but then faced an uphill battle in terms of importing existing posts without having to laboriously re-format writing for hours. After trying several different workarounds I gave up, and turned my gaze to Google Drive.

Sure, Google Drive has it’s problems – nothing’s perfect – but for most of the things I do, it’s “good enough”. I’ve migrated all my old blog posts across, all of my technical notes, and all of the other bits and pieces that were stored in either Notion or Evernote. Google Drive has become my “one place to rule them all” – for now.

I need to stop playing with shiny new toys on the internet, and just live with the core few things I trust. At the moment that’s all the Google apps – from Mail, to Calendar, Keep, Drive, and Photos. Just recently I’ve been using Google Meet for family video calls – it’s every bit as good as Zoom or Facebook Messenger, and is free.

Earlier today I walked into town with my youngest daughter on a grocery shopping expedition. The first in several weeks. We get most of our food delivered via local farms and produce delivery businesses – but there are certain things you can’t easily get for them – important things – like peanut butter, and chocolate spread.

We’ve been ordering some things in bulk from Amazon “subscribe and save” – and had been thinking about buying instant cappuccino in a huge tin, but after doing the math, it turns out buying small boxes of instant coffee when it’s on offer is cheaper than buying in bulk. I hate it when brands do that kind of counter-intuitive idiocy. They must think people were born yesterday (perhaps some people don’t think when looking at prices).

Anyway. Dinner will be ready in a minute. Time to go set the table.

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Buckinghamshire 🙂 To be honest, shortening “Mathematics” to “Maths” is more incorrect than shortening it to “Math”, which is simple truncation.


Maybe this is out of your league. You have, from time to time, extolled us with the virtues of various software. You have, from time to time, railed…and warned us of the terrors of various software. Since you know what it is you want, and you know programming, wouldn’t this be just the inspiration to create that perfect organizer/note-taker/archive thingamabob–and then market it and make millions saving the world from disarray? Just a thought.
We’ve moved away from Amazon. We’re trying to buy local (more so since the pandemic). And we’re trying (so far successfully) spend our dollars with companies that treat their employees well. That rules out Amazon. As an author, it’s a bit more difficult–Amazon being one of the few avenues for the self-published. They don’t treat authors so well, either. Somehow it’s demoralizing to be reduced to “content provider.”

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you know you can make your own peanut butter? It’s ridiculously easy. Then you can buy peanuts in bulk. You can also make coffee the old fashioned way with grounds and filter paper, or with an Italian coffee pot (my favourite, and the percolating sound is so jolly). Or you can do it the old Saami way (indigenous folks of Scandinavia) which is chuck the grounds into a saucepan, boil for a few minutes and then pour it out through a filter (or just pour it off carefully to leave the grounds in the pan). It’s better for the environment on loads of levels. You can also grind your own beans, so then you can buy the coffee beans in bulk, and freeze them to preserve the flavour until you want to grind them. Thanks for the heads up on your experience with the app. It’s always good to learn from the experience of others!

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Back and forth you migrate your stuff… 😉

But the insights you gain are educational no less. Thank you for sharing them!

Ps I like my Evernote app on my desktop which does not look like the web version which, as you say, is a portal now. But I also have it on my phone so I can write anytime, anywhere.

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Don’t get me wrong – I love Evernote – it was just that it can’t import things very well at the moment. As a place to write, and to keep bits of writing, it’s wonderful.


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