An Internet Fishing Expedition

After talking to a few friends who also post to WordPress, and who have also seen an increase in follows, likes, and subscriptions from business accounts who never interact again, I thought I might lace a post with suitable terms to see what happens. Take no notice of the next paragraph.

Wellness. Weight loss. Fitness. Running. Diet. Fibre. Anxiety. Health. Lockdown. Project Management. Productivity. Work. Stress. Time. Sales. Marketing. Human Resources. People. Life. Products. Truth. Honesty. Journal. Diary. Books. Reading. Stories. Music. Facebook. Twitter. Social.

Let’s see what happens. Let’s see who follows, or likes the post. I’ll add to the end of the post after dangling it in the internet ocean for a few days.

5 replies on “An Internet Fishing Expedition”

I thought it was weird that some blog called $1 Deals followed me! So did some bogus looking poetry submissions blog. I used to love following people back who followed me until these stupid business blogs came along. Talk about polluting the Internet! I followed a new follower who followed me in disguise as a regular blog. Now this spam dispenser keeps sending me emails about sweepstakes and good bargains on yoga pants. So I Lost my trust in doing follow-for-follows☹️ That last paragraph was hilarious, by the way😏

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I know, it was a foolish and naïve thing to do, but it was fun at first. Most of the people I did follow-for-follows with were bloggers whose posts I had already read, liked, and commented on. So I ended up being friendly and welcoming with any old blogger. I believed that only real people would bother with my blog, because the marketing world is extremely visual, and my blog is not attractive or interesting looking. Maybe that’s why my blog got $1 Deals’ attention, lol.

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Mine gets “why not travel to the Himalayas” type blogs – presumably you need to go to extremes to get away from my knitting content!!! Or maybe they think I need a reason to wear all those sweaters…..

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