I started writing this at one minute past midnight on Friday night. I suppose it’s really Saturday, but I tend to count it as the day before until I wake up the next day.

I spent much of the evening reinstalling my middle daughter’s computer (the somewhat famous computer labelled “Trigger’s Broom”). It now has an SSD sitting quietly inside it. I had hoped to upgrade the memory too, but I need to do some research first.

It’s been a very, very quiet week here – helped by endless quantities of rain falling from the sky, and a somewhat enormous lack of enthusiasm throughout the house.

I’m still receiving endless follows on WordPress from business accounts. It kind of makes sense – WordPress has been heading towards the website hosting game for a very long time. Their page design tools lean heavily towards small businesses, and increasingly away from writers. I wonder if the Tumblr acquisition wasn’t quite so mad after all – if Automattic knew their plans for WordPress (obviously they did), they would have also known an exodus would happen when those writing journals or diaries became disenfranchised. Tumblr gives an obvious route away from the shop front.

I miss the way the web used to be – the way blogs were when they first appeared. All you needed was a small corner of your own, and support for RSS to help others follow a diverse spectrum of writers. Over time the various solutions turned into platforms, and then into silos. Slowly but surely they either pivoted towards the business world (WordPress), stagnated (Blogger), or died (LiveJournal). Granted, LiveJournal still exists, but it’s an empty shell of the mighty mindshare juggernaut it once was.

I know a lot of people hate email based journals, but I kind of love them. I wonder if the haters live quite happily within silos, and have learned to take advantage of their captive audience. It reminds me of Plato’s allegory of “The Cave”. Those that have only ever known the world of publishing platforms cannot easily appreciate the vast world that lives beyond their borders – that they might embrace it – that they might find kindred spirits out there. It’s hard work though – hiking through the paths less trodden. Existing within a platform is easy, safe, and comfortable.


I’m starting to sound judgemental. I don’t mean to be. I’m just emptying my head. Take no notice.

p.s. don’t even get me started about the race condition in the WordPress blog editor that has existed for at least two years now – where publishing fails, and can only be fixed by refreshing the page – losing your tags and photo selection in the process.

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No, this hater just hates getting tons of email.

I love that photo with the really cool HP spines! The books look so thin! Is it the angle of the photo or is the print (text? font?) super tiny??


The paperbacks of the earlier books look like that in the UK. I don’t think the Harry Potter series really took off until Prizoner of Azkaban was published. There’s a fascinating story told by a publishing scout at the studio tour near London – you get to listen to it while waiting to go in – about the first book, and that the publisher knew they had dynamite even before the first book was finished.

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Yes. You’re right. ☺️There is an awful lot of judgement in here: I wonder what would happen if you let it all fall away, and just lived. Perhaps these kindred spirits you seek would be more visible to you if your focus was less on what you don’t want, and more on the path ahead (where these spirits you long to meet perhaps exist, or perhaps…just don’t. I don’t know. You’ll have to test it all. Letting the sun show you the way seems to be a more logical way towards loveliness than to get bogged down by all the clouds you see. Am I being too annoying? 🤓 ps. I understand your frustration. It seems like the spirit of living is so easily lost beneath business and money. We don’t have to let that be our reality, though. I choose for that nonsense not to be my reality.☀️

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Maybe Jonathan can’t help but see beyond the WYSIWYG because of the tech background. He’s a wealth of information, so educational, but simultaneously I too feel he (you, Jonathan ❤️) gets bogged down by the techie side. Just write your words. 😘

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Aww. You’re so kind, Claudette. ☺️ You’re right. It must be difficult to see the ‘walled garden’ from both sides. That’s why he’s got annoying people like us to remind him it’s okay just to ‘exhale’. xx


I’m not a computer savvy person. But I have been blogging on WordPress for eight or nine years. In the early days there was a lot of community building going on–less so now. I resent that it’s pushing towards an integrated retail site (though I might need one when the new book is finished.) I miss the days of wild comments and engagement. There’s still some of that, and perhaps more in the blogs I follow and which follow me. But “they” apparently cannot monetize that enough to suit their objectives. If you find a comfortable alternative, do let us all know.

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Like you with your belief that tomorrow doesn’t start until you’ve had your night’s sleep, I think it’s only afternoon once I’ve eaten my lunch, whatever time that happens. So if someone speaks to me between noon and 1pm I’m likely still to be saying “good morning” and I don’t need them to tell me it’s afternoon.
As long as WordPress has a significant number of us sitting tenants, quietly plugging away with our blogs and supporting each other, they will continue to be a reasonable blog host. If we all run away somewhere new which promises what WordPress once had then, sure as eggs is eggs, that will also become overrun with stores when the time comes. You can’t turn back the tide, you have to wait patiently until it ebbs.


I don’t know how, or what, you’re attracting…I have mostly people following me, and often liking and commenting. That’s not to say I don’t have the marketing peeps…I do. But mostly it’s been…readers who like stories.

Anyway, it does feel a bit like a walled garden at times but since I get a lot of variety AND I’m still locked down with literally nothing else to do I will just keep doing what I’m doing I guess. For now.

How’s life at medium?

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Medium is hard work to make peanuts 🙂 But I guess I knew that. I suppose my problem is I know I can write, but I don’t like writing unless it’s authentic – and if I don’t have a story to tell (or I’ve run out of meaningful stories), I struggle to find incentive. The posts over at medium will serve their purpose one day I suppose – as a shop window into my brain should I move career. In the meantime, it’s just a good lever to get me writing more.


It’s worth noting that I’ve been asked to do a LOT more writing of presales material at work since posting to Medium. It’s almost like people forget what you’re good at if they don’t see you do it for a while.


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