Monday Night Escapades

I’ve been busy learning something new today. Something billed as a “low code” platform, which really translates into “do it the way they want” platform. If you’re wondering what on earth I’m on about, “low code” is the emperor’s fashionable new clothes in the software development world – programming without programming. Solutions made from LEGO blocks. There’s only one problem – until you know what shaped bits are in the toybox, and how best to use them, it’s more of a hindrance than a benefit – and the world is moving so fast that there’s really no good documentation or training guides for any of it.

The odd thing about technology – and it’s getting worse – is if you go searching for answers to questions on the internet, you have a 2% chance of finding the answer. You have a 98% chance of falling down an infinitely deep rabbit hole filled with hearsay, conjecture, and grifting.


Not much else has been going on around here, other than the pretend plane flying. Tonight’s escapade is an attempt to catch up with the prodigious hours my Dad has been logging. Of course he’s retired, so can dick about with the flight simulator all day – I work, so can only get started after dinner on an evening. Tonight I have an Airbus at thirty four thousand feet, on it’s way from Cairns to Melbourne, Australia. It should arrive at about 11pm GMT – about 9am in Melbourne. It’s currently high above Queensland, just passing over Mount Stewart.

I’ve been slowly working my way through Ready Player Two. For some reason it’s not grabbing me in the same way that the first book did. I think lots of sequels suffer the same fate – the author has a big idea for their breakout title, and then tries to milk it in a follow-up.

At lunchtime a mysterious parcel arrived at the front door – and a shout of surprise when we opened it (the kids don’t go back to school and college until tomorrow). I ordered a number of old PS2 games from an online second-hand store.

I fetched the PS2 down from the attic, wired it up, and switched it on. Nothing. Well – lights came on, but none of the game discs started up. Hmmm. Twenty minutes later I had watched a YouTube video, and fetched tools from the cupboard. The PS2 was in bits all over the desk in no time at all, and being cleaned, prodded, and poked by an idiot with a screwdriver. Rather than fiddle with anything technical, I cleaned it’s insides (it was clogged up with household dust and fluff), and re-assembled it. Hey-presto, a working PS2. I don’t think I’ll go into business doing it; this was very much luck rather than talent or skill.

If you’re wondering about the games, GTA3, Tekken, Soul Calibur, Star Ocean, and SSX Tricky are waiting to be played. The girls played Tekken for quite some time after lunch – kicking the bejesus out of some poor computer generated warriors.

As mentioned, the kids go back to school and college tomorrow. It’s going to seem very quiet around the house. I’m looking forward to turning some music on, and getting on with work. My other half is still working from home a couple of days each week, so it’s not like I’ll be completely on my own.

It’s going to seem a bit off when everybody else’s world returns to normal, and I’m left here working from home on my own.

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