Where does the time go?

I’ve been sitting in the dark of the study with the word processor open in front of me for a few minutes – trying to organise my thoughts. Somehow a browser tab opened up in front of me, then another, and before I knew it half an hour had vanished.

Browsers should come with warning stickers – “not for the easily distracted”.

Perhaps it’s time to shut the computer down, and go fall asleep with my nose in a book. I’m good at falling asleep while reading. It’s a skill. To practice it, you first have to work from home while also doing chores, and occasionally wake up in the middle of the night when rain pelts the roof and windows. It helps if your work involves juggling several projects at once too.

How is it nearly 1am already?

I promise to have something more insightful or interesting to share tomorrow. It’s been a bit of a day today, with one thing and another. I’m getting a lot more done without the kids kicking around the house, but that means I’m not stopping either. I’ve worked through to mid-afternoon two days in a row without realising I missed lunch. Who would have guessed that distractions were such a good thing?

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