Coffee O’Clock

It’s Mother’s Day today in the UK. I bought a box of chocolates for my Mum, and had them delivered – she lives over two hundred miles away. There’s a bit of a story though – I put the order in, and then realised I didn’t change the delivery address – so my other half has lucked into the same chocolates too. I ordered them again, and changed the delivery address the second time.

I have no idea what the kids have arranged. I know Miss 17 is planning on cooking roast dinner this evening – I imagine I’ll shadow her to save her from wrecking it. I have almost total confidence in her (roast dinner really isn’t that difficult). Notice I said almost .

The kids were talking about going for a walk this morning. If they had gotten out of bed, there were clear skies and sunshine at about 8am. It’s now 10:30, and the sky is slowly filling with dark clouds. They’re not up yet. Apparently rain will arrive mid-afternoon.

We have a bird-box on the old apple tree at the end of the garden. A family of bluetits have set up home in it – they used it last year. They have been busy flying back and forth with sticks to build their nest. We looked for the binoculars yesterday to watch them, but couldn’t find them. Another pair is on-order from Amazon – no doubt the old binoculars will now turn up, because that’s how the universe works.

I wish I had something more exciting to share. Life seems to have been reduced to “things seen out of the window” over the last year. At least I’m still writing though, even if my words have been reduced to a trickle.

I think it’s probably coffee o’clock.

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