Accident Prone

This “falling off the blogging bike” business is getting worse. It’s been three days without a post this time. I’m not really sure why either. Life I suppose. Life happened.

We went out for a walk yesterday – all five of us – for the first time in months. We visited Hughenden Manor, a local National Trust property, and walked the longest route around the grounds. It was good just to get out in the fresh air. We saw very few people along the way – most people seem to think “a walk” is a few hundred yards from their car. We ten to think in terms of several miles – preferably away from everybody and everything.

I spent most of this morning on the roof of the house cutting back brambles that had grown into the guttering. I cut my hands to pieces in the process, but there was a reason for it – builders arrive in the morning to begin replacing the soffits and guttering around the entire house. Another hole the size of meteor crater in our bank account.

Over the last year you might have thought we would get ahead in the bank – given that we haven’t gone anywhere, or done anything. You would be wrong. One disaster after another has contributed to only just keeping our head above water for the entire year.

Perhaps the most unintentionally funny accident so far? Yesterday morning one of our kids “accidentally” flushed the button you press on the upstairs toilet to make it flush down the toilet. Therefore we will very likely have to replace the entire damn toilet.


It’s my other half’s birthday tomorrow (or today even – the clock just ticked past midnight). There is a stash of nice things hidden under my desk – expertly wrapped by the kids earlier today. Somehow we’re going to try and get through breakfast and presents before the builders arrive.

2 replies on “Accident Prone”

Lovely photo of the family. Happy Birthday to the other half. I’m sure you can get a replacement button…after all….the internet. Blog when you feel like it, or when you have something specific to say. It’s not an obligation. It may be a pressure-relief valve. It should be something you do, for you. No more, no less. Have a wonderful day.


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