Wrestling with the Unimportant

After WordPress decided to change the way they monkey with text, I’m scampering back to Substack, and thinking “sod you then”, while pointing a rolled up newspaper in the general direction of Automattic. It’s not the biggest annoyance in the world, but it’s annoying all the same. And that’s why you’re seeing this post as an excerpt, instead of the whole thing. You’ll have to click the little link at the bottom to go read the rest of it.

It’s Thursday morning – the last day of work before the Easter holiday. Four days off, before another four days working, then a week off. I started to write “another four days in the office”, but then realised I no longer work in an office – I still haven’t gotten used to that.

The “working from home” experience is slowly changing for me. During lockdown the house was always fairly busy – with teenagers doing college work, and my other half working from home several days a week too. Now the rest of the world has started to wake up again, I’m slowly finding myself alone for the majority of the day. Some people might have problems with the seclusion, but I quite like it. I get more done when distractions are removed.

While writing this, I’m beginning to think “I should really go make myself some lunch” – not because I’m hungry – more because it’s the thing I should be doing. It’s amazing how many things I do during an average day because “it’s the thing I should be doing”. Washing up, washing clothes, putting things away, sweeping up, picking up after people, and so on. I suppose in a strange sort of way, going running fell into the same hole – the drive to “be healthy” – to fit in with the image that people are supposed to. I guess it pays to look after yourself though – very few people aspire to being a couch potato.


I really SHOULD go and get some lunch. I fear it will involve a walk to the corner shop, because we’ve run out of cheese (unless some has magically metamorphosed in the fridge).

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