A Weekend in the Garden

Another weekend is slowly winding down. A weekend filled with gardening, and trips to and from the local rubbish tip. Over the last year, the rubbish tip has been the only place my other half and I have gone together – we have joked about it being a “date” of sorts.

After a sustained assault on the garden throughout the weekend, it has slowly turned into a nice place to be once more. If the weather warms up just a little more we will begin planting vegetables in the kitchen garden. Last year we grew beans, cucumbers, tomatoes, courgettes, melons, marrows, carrots, and attempted potatoes in some deep grow-bags. I’m pretty sure this year will be more of the same. I’m tempted to plant some rhubarb – I love rhubarb crumble.

I took some cuttings from the school spider-plant that has lived in the kitchen window for the last year, and potted them in up-cycled coffee tins in the window of the study. They are the first plants ever to make their way into the study – now I just need to remember to water them each day.

In other news I’m drawing battle lines with the grey squirrels our cats are too fat/slow/stupid (delete as appropriate) to combat. We just lost yet another bird feeder this evening after one of the squirrels acrobatically leapt onto it and smashed it on the floor. I’m not sure how many peanuts he managed to stuff in his face before I arrived and chased him the length of the garden. After picking up the pieces of the feeder I discovered one of our cats pretending to be asleep in the kitchen. I imagine the other cat is busy picking bits out of his feet on some fresh bedding somewhere.

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Oh, the cats go after whatever they can get hold of usually. It goes through ebbs and flows during the year – when we had three ginger cats, they would often bring mice in and put them on display. We suspect the little black rescue cat eats whatever he catches – but then he came from the wild, so it kind of makes sense that he catches for food – not for fun.


I get the odd dates–ours was to the grocery store together. No fun. And our squirrels are not only destructive acrobats but ingenious and devious bird feeder destroyers. They knocked ours down, several waiting on the ground for it, pried it open, and ate all ten pounds of birdfeed. I watched part of this and was quite impressed with what they could do.

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The squirrels go after peanuts in our garden. Of course it doesn’t help that my other half is on a mission to feed all the birds in the country (or at least, that’s what it seems like)

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It has always surprised me that men will try to pick up women at the dump. Once, when getting rid of old roofing material, I was shoveling out of the back of a pick up truck when the guy in the truck next to me leaned over and said, “Well, hello. Do you come here often?”

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These gardening days are the days I yearn for after a long winter. My husband is forever chasing the squirrels away. At least the baffles on the feeder poles have managed to keep them at bay.

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Our problem at the moment is the squirrels launching themselves from nearby trees onto the top of the feeder poles. For a while we had some of the food hanging from a steel pole in the garden (used to attach sails to) – my youngest daughter polished it, and then laughed hilariously at the squirrels sliding down it ๐Ÿ™‚

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Gardening has always been a love/hate relationship for me. I love it, but hate the amount of work it takes to keep things looking tidy. I’ve mostly let things go a bit wilder and that has worked for my brain.
I’ve found a really nice squirrel-proof feeder and it works about 99% of the time, I almost feel bad for the squirrels. *almost*

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For me it’s more about looking out of the window and not being filled with dread about the work required to make it look less like a jungle, and more like somewhere nice to go sit when wanting to avoid everybody…

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You made me laugh with the idea that your cat was pretending to sleep. So lazy. We have a squirrel (probably several, but we lump them all together) and his name is George Bush, because heโ€™s an asshole. That joke was funnier when he was President, probably many Squirrels ago. He digs up my plants and once ate a nozzle to a garden hose. Asshole.

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