Remembering the Rubbish

Tomorrow doesn’t start until I wake up in the morning. The clock might have ticked past midnight a few minutes ago, but I’m going to claim it’s still “tonight” – “tomorrow morning” doesn’t arrive for several hours.

Welcome to my ever-so-slightly illogical mind.

I’m playing the age old game of “staying up late to avoid tomorrow”, which is ridiculous because there’s nothing I’m particularly avoiding. Perhaps I’m just holding on to today – making the day last longer – enjoying the last few minutes in front of the keyboard emptying my head.

I’m trying to warm back up after venturing outside in the dark to put the bins out – the refuse collectors pass our house in the morning. Have you ever tried to drag a wheelie bin down your driveway in the dead of night? They transform themselves into mobile speaker stacks – amplifying every bump in the driveway into a cacophony of crashing and crunching.

I sometimes wonder if I’m the only person that puts the rubbish out at midnight (or rather, that only remembers at midnight). I’ve never seen anybody else tiptoeing around while dragging the bin down the driveway. Perhaps the rest of the world is far more organised? I don’t know.


It’s getting late. I should probably go brush my teeth.

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We have a neighbor who, apparently, remembers the trash pick-up when she hears the truck. She scurries out with the wheelie-bin, almost always missing the truck. So the bin sits, curbside, for days. Finally she gives up and pulls it back in, only to repeat the fiasco the next week. I have no idea when, or how, she actually gets rid of the trash.

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I will admit to running down the street in my boxer shorts, dragging the bin behind me in the past. The shame is worth it – the alternative is facing the wrath of my other half.


Now that’s a sight for the neighbors! Good to remind them, from time to time, that a crazy person lives at your house. Keeps them guessing. And why is it that the task of taking out the trash so frequently falls on the man of the house? Wrath or no wrath…what’s up with that?


We can’t put our rubbish out the night before…. might as well ring the dinner bell for nocturnal critters. Once you’ve stumbled out there at 6:00am to pick up the flotsam and jetsam of marauding raccoons, you learn.

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They’re amazing little devils with very nimble paws. I’ve watched them climb up our bird feeder pole, grab the suet cage, open it, extract the suet, close it and hang it back up.

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Our trash collectors come just before the sun comes up, so I too take mine out in the evening. If you saw the length of our driveway, you’d understand why I consider this a workout. That being said, it’s my favorite night of the week (my life is exciting!) as I LOVE to know all the recycling and garbage has been banished from my home for at least a few days.

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I always feel like the last one in the street to put the bins out (although at about 9pm rather than midnight), so I understand how they transform into mobile speaker stacks, as you aptly put it.

I also used to suffer from “staying up late to avoid tomorrow” syndrome, but I think, for me, it was more about “trying to do more things today before tomorrow comes”, which is also illogical. I’d like to say I cured myself of this, but mostly I just get too sleepy and have no choice in the matter anymore.

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