A Day of Two Halves

The first half of the day was spent chaperoning my youngest daughter to a nearby town in pursuit of a meetup with several of her friends. This included waiting at the bus station for an hour while her friends first called to say they were on their way (a lie), and then called to say they would meet her at the railway station.

The original plan had been to meet mid-morning. The revised plan had already skidded to nearly lunchtime. Obviously making it to a bus stop by lunchtime was beyond their capabilities, so they lied, and lied and lied.

Eventually one of their parents dropped them a mile across town. If I hadn’t been there, I have no idea how my daughter might have found her way to them – short of walking the entire route while talking to me on her phone, guiding her at each road junction.

Yes, I’m annoyed.

You can imagine how amused I was (not)  when a story came out about having to go shopping across town because a friend of a friend couldn’t go into the nearest supermarket, because she had been prosecuted for shoplifting there.

Thankfully the central person in this mess isn’t carrying on to college next year – so a natural division will drive them apart. In the meantime we just need to keep our fingers crossed our daughter retains her sense of right and wrong, and doesn’t get coerced into anything untoward.

This afternoon was all about making runs to the dump with rubbish from the garden. While there we bumped into a co-worker, and on the way home posted a photo on social media of our “hot date”.

We know how to live.

While my other half retrieved our daughter late this evening, I walked into town and filled a bag with movie snacks. I imagine most of it will vanish tomorrow. Of course there are no new movies “of note” out, because most of the studios have ground to a halt during the pandemic. I would love to watch “Nomadland”, but it sounds like Disney+ has an exclusive on it in the UK – and I’m not about to sign up to yet another subscription service.

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I’m so annoyed at all these different streaming services. Adding a cute little + sign to a channel I already pay for on my satellite line up and then putting all the quality programming there to force me to pay more really burns my buns.

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I hear you and the lack of consideration for the effort went to over arrangements to meet them. Some people are just flat out unreliable and sounds like maybe some of them aren’t the most suitable friendships. As you said, college will change the dynamics probably.

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You are a patient dad and I’m sure your daughter really appreciates that. I’m sure she’s bright enough to NOT follow the girls with bad juju.
I watched Nomadland, (on Apple tv) it was good. Not EPIC good, because there were no highs nor lows, it was just a story trucking along until the end. But I would still suggest it.


Good to know that your daughter will naturally drift away from the unreliable teenage girls. Sounds hopeful. As for Nomadland, I’d like to see it too but we don’t have Disney+ either. I hear good things about it despite its source, though.


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