Bank Holiday Monday

It’s heading towards 10am, and I’m still the only person up and about at home. It’s a bank holiday in the UK today – many people have the day off work. Of course the weather isn’t cooperating – while the sun is trying to break through at the moment, it’s forecast to begin raining at lunchtime, and get worse throughout the day. I imagine our house will begin floating away by dinner time. I better start fashioning some oars out of household implements later.

I’m struggling to wake up. I’m not sure why, because I slept like a log last night – and half remember a couple of crazy dreams. One of them involved accidentally transferring thousands into one of my daughter’s bank accounts, and then struggling to transfer the money back again before anybody found out. I wonder what that means?

It’s interesting how the most illogical events or actions become reasonable in dreams.

(many hours pass)

The better part of the day was spent pulling ivy from the shed in the garden, helping my middle daughter create a podcast (for her college course), and doing several runs to the rubbish tip. This morning’s weather forecast was wrong – the rain finally began to fall early this evening. It’s still raining now, and looking pretty much like the world might end.

After washing up this evening I checked my phone, and saw messages from several friends, sent hours earlier. Hopefully they will understand that life occasionally tramples all over me. It seems that “having friends”, “working”, “doing chores”, and “being a part of a family” never quite add up – and “having friends” always seems to be the first thing to fall by the wayside.

I saw a quote the other day from somebody famous (I forget who), noting that if you got run over by a truck tomorrow, your employer would replace you within a month or two – but that your friends and family would always remember you. I read it, and thought “yes, but if you don’t work, you have no money, your family lose their house, and you have no smartphone to stay in touch with friends”.

Nothing is ever as simple as a motivational quote.

Anyway. I only have a few hours until the “day off” comes to an end. I should probably go watch something rubbish on the television, and eat something I’ll feel bad about afterwards. It’s funny how that works.

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That is very true over the employer quote, even though I wish the way of the world over it was different.

I agree it can be hard to make time to cultivate friendships sometimes. With me I guess it’s different as I don’t have a partner or kids etc so I devote more time to finding kindred spirits who can be a sort of “friendship family” as it were. It’s funny you should post about the time thing though as I thought about this myself this weekend as I’ve had online guys kicking off at me for not replying within a few hours and told I’m a bad conversationalist as I don’t ask enough questions/create a conversation All totally wrong as I’ve put my back out as I do have the time. Well, one guy really. Another removed me from facebook as I didn’t reply in two weeks but I messaged and all is fine now. A third wondered nicely why I don’t reply so often as I take two or three days. I guess I should “press it” (I’m getting the lingo lol) although I suppose no one wants to log on and read a post on my thoughts on them so could be one for the LJ files.

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While there are those who would argue my ‘self’ needs lots of ‘help’, I avoid those things like the proverbial plague. If today is the first day of the rest of my life? I’m going to have a cocktail and take a nap. It sounds exhausting….

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What is it you’re getting rid of that you need to drive to the dump aka rubbish thingy so often? I mean, I get it, I could probably do a few carloads myself…

Whatever you’re doing, I’m glad. It’s been a long while since we’ve both chatted about the need to clear clutter from the home, right?

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Getting rid of rubbish and putting off notifying friends–it’s exhausting what we’re expected to do. On the other hand, the fact that you can joke about it (somewhat) with your rather self-deprecating humor, which is a hoot and a holler. Make those oars–you never know when they’ll come in handy.

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It’s been my observation that technology has sped things up to an intolerable level. Early in my work career, a client could ask a question and I’d get back to them with the answer in the next day. Then came answering machines, and faxes. They wanted answers faster. Then came emails and the internet–and they want answers, now. But the thinking and reflective process–sorting the facts and options, doesn’t necessarily happen any faster now than it did then. For quality interaction–be it work, business, or friends, there needs to be time for things to percolate. Hoping you don’t wash away in a flood….

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I’m an avid collector of such motivation quotes (of quotes in general, really) and you are absolutely right. “Nothing is ever as simple as a motivational quote.” Sure we want to live as if each day were our last but the truth is if we lived that way every day life would be unliveable. Thank you for the reminder that not only should there be balance but that *some* days simply have to spent in druggery in order to make our tomorrows a bit better. Hope your home is still planted firmly and that you enjoy the shortened work week.

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No day off for you.

I too have the most bizarre dreams. BUT, I realized last week that I was ACTUALLY depositing money into my oldest’s account when I thought I had stopped it. (when she finished her Masters a few months ago and went back to work) Funny that she didn’t mention it to me. LOL

In general, I find that most motivational quotes do nothing to motivate me.

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Texts are funny, aren’t they? Much more of an expectation of immediacy than emails, but really, if someone wants to get in touch with me immediately, they should phone. But I sometimes leave my phone in my purse downstairs so I don’t hear it, so that can be risky too. We still have a land line, and they could try that, but no one ever calls it so we have the ringer turned off to avoid robocalls. So I guess texting is probably best, since I have my iPad at my desk while I work, so I can procrastinate or whatever. Anyway, life gets in the way, but I think as long as you get back within a couple of days, all is well.

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We’re actually thinking of getting rid of our land-line later this year. We’ll be switching to fibre internet. The only people that ever call the landline are our parents – and even they are slowly switching to Facebook Messenger, or the Amazon Echo to call us quickly.


Almost no one we know still has a land line. I like it for emergencies, and living in CA our power might go out due to earthquake or wildfires or just stupid blackouts due to extreme heat. Last time this happened, the cell towers lost power and did not work. Of course, some of the land lines didn’t work either, so perhaps I should rethink this expense.

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I sometimes listen to podcasts such as “This Week in Tech”, which is made in Petaluma – they were talking a year or so ago about people becoming interested in HAM radio again, purely as a backup for when armageddon happens 🙂


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