Star Wars Day

May the fourth be with you. Apparently today is “Star Wars Day”. It’s all a bit thtupid really, ithn’t it. Thee what I did there?


What news might I have to impart? Perhaps that I’m back using the bullet journal again. My attempt to weld myself to mobile productivity apps lasted all of one weekend. It turns out – for me at least – there really is nothing better than a piece of paper and a pen. Of course the productivity ninjas will probably start wittering on about there being bullet journals and bullet journals, and will reference their own expertly photographed double page spreads of yoga mornings, boutique lunch appointments, and zen afternoon wellbeing meetups.


My bullet journal is an embarrassment to bullet-journal-kind. Each day has a list of things I wanted to get done, and things I did. That’s it. That’s as clever as it gets. Sure, I can’t search it without flipping backwards through it, but it’s not like it takes very long to find a password I shouldn’t have written in it in the first place.

Sure, I could fill the pages with wonderful little doodles that might yearn for a home in a children’s book or a graphic novel, but what’s the point (other than photographing them to become some sort of illustration influencer) ?

I’m not sure if the US version of “The Office” had an equivalent scene to the one where head office turns up, and it turns out the manager has spent all day inventing a new television game show. That’s what comes to mind when I see some people’s bullet journals.

I get it though. Doodling is kind of creative – and if we pooh pooh all creative things, you may as well destroy all books, popular music, and performing arts. Remember the movie “The Invention of Lying” ? Remember the performers reading history text books? That’s what happens if you stop doodling. It probably has something to do with butterflies flapping their wings, and water dribbling across the back of Jeff Goldblum’s hand.

I drank ONE glass of prosecco a few minutes ago, and this post is what happened. Can you imagine what would happen if I drank another glass? Probably not a good idea.

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In my case, yes. The real value in a bullet journal is the method. If you don’t finish something on a given day, you “migrate” it to the next day (turn the dot next to the note into an arrow, rather than cross it out if it’s done). The arrow signifies that it appears further on. It’s simple, and works surprisingly well.


While I look forward to more Prosecco drenched posts, I’m not sorry to say goodbye to the bullet journal. For something that’s supposed to save time, you’ve wasted an awful lot pondering its usefulness.


I’m all about paper and pen, pencil, markers. Old-school all the way when it comes to productivity. I like to doodle, too. I once read that means you’re smarter than average, but can’t confirm that. Cheers to a glass of Prosecco. 🥂


I’ve never tried having a bullet journal but keep a daily “to do” list on a regular “to do” pad.

After a couple of glasses of Prosecco, either the world makes perfect sense in a happy way or I end up depressing myself lol.

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Let’s see what you write with 2 glasses! 🙂 I think we all need time to be creative in whatever manner suits you – or that you wish to try! Good for you. I’m a list maker myself. But I also like to draw in the margins. 🙂

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I’ve never heard of a bullet journal, it sounds like something my husband would buy for me if he knew of them, he knows I like making lists and crossing items off as I finish them. I’m not sure what would make it better than a cheap notepad, unless for some reason you want to look back, like a diary…

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