Coffee and Jazz

It’s late on Thursday evening, and I’m listening to jazz on the internet while sipping coffee. I’m going to blame Claudette. She tipped me off about a YouTube channel filled with coffee house jazz, and I fell straight down an impressively deep internet rabbit hole.

Who knew I liked jazz? Does this mean I’m getting old? My late father in law had a huge collection of jazz music – we went with him on river cruises with jazz bands on-board several times over the years.

Jazz reminds me of Ally McBeal. I think perhaps it’s the 90s Vonda Shepard back-catalogue that’s been lurking in my subconscious recently – secretly burrowing it’s way in via a steady stream of Spotify sleepy afternoon playlists.

In my mind – no doubt heavily influenced by movies, television shows, and old vinyl records heard from a distance – jazz is the soundtrack for New York, rain, wistfulness, and melancholy. The music of broken dreams, sadness, and loss.

I like melancholy. I like peace and quiet. I like music you don’t really have to concentrate on – that’s just kind of there in the background – tugging at an emotion, or a feeling. An old friend that’s in the room with you, but you don’t have to make conversation with.


It’s almost 1am again. This late-night head emptying is turning into a habit.

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If I sipped coffee late at night, I’d still be up listening to jazz at dawn! I have always enjoyed music, but more recently, both my better half and I have opted most often for silence. If we have an active, rip-roaring building task at hand, we’ll throw on oldies rock n’ roll, but more often these days our tasks have become more reflective, and quiet.

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I really like jazz…I think maybe I’ll check out coffeehouse jazz and see what I think. My favorite jazz album is more fancy restaurant jazz, Scott Hamilton Quintet, The Second Set. I love it so much. Another great album I haven’t listened to in awhile is Beyond the Missouri Sky. That one is more moody.

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I’ve had various channels on all day. I knew there were lots of low-fi beats channels – my daughter leaves one on most days. I had no idea about the Jazz channels.


If liking jazz makes you old, then I’m right up there, too. We were listening to a moody jazz soundtrack while sitting on the patio enjoying the fire pit after dark one evening recently, and man…that was the perfect soundtrack for the evening!

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“The music of broken dreams, sadness, and loss.” and “An old friend that’s in the room with you, but you don’t have to make conversation with.” Just lovely lines, thoughts, images…Now stuck in my mind, most appreciated…


Sometimes we just need to fall into a musical rabbit hole and let the pieces fall where they may. Ally McBeal. Wow, that’s a blast from the past.


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