Conjuring Audrey Hepburn

I’m sitting in the study (read: the junk room). Rain is gently falling outside, and I have jazz playing in the background once again. Through the wonders of Spotify and bluetooth, I have discovered how to choose music on the computer, and have it automagically burst from the boombox. I’m sure the neighbours are not happy about this, given the New York jazz band now causing the walls to gently vibrate to a bossa nova rhythm.

I’ve changed my mind about Ally McBeal. I’m expecting Audrey Hepburn to tip her head around the door at any moment, wearing her latest boyfriend’s work shirt, and carrying a black cat under her arm. There’s something about this music – it transports you to a time and a place in your memory.


We just got back from visiting the zero-waste store in town – our kitchen and pantry now look very much like they might fit in at Hogwarts – with glass mason jars filled with all manner of goodies lined up along the shelves and counters.

The store is a genius idea – you arrive with empty containers, weigh them, fill them with whatever you want, weigh them again, and only pay for the weight of whatever you have chosen – no packaging involved. We typically get most of our dry cooking ingredients from them – everything from pasta, to beans, lentils, and all manner of “healthy” snacks. I think my favourite in recent weeks has been dried chilli chick-peas. Or maybe almonds coated in cocoa.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a reading list on WordPress a mile long to catch up with.

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We recently moved. Our old house had wired sound with big speakers and all that. I want to go wireless at this house with speakers that don’t look like they are cemetery monuments. I’m still trying to explain blue tooth to my husband. It’s a process. Love the store concept. We used to have a co-op here that was like that but I think it closed a while back. It was run by volunteers and they either aged out or didn’t want to do it anymore.

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Bluetooth is great – when it works. The only downer is when you’re playing something from your phone, and you forget, and walk off through the house – and it cuts out for everybody ๐Ÿ™‚

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I love the idea of a no waste store. We have a section of the market where you can get grains and such from the bins. I like it because I buy the right amount of stuff. Happy jazz day to you

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The only problem with a store that sells lots of healthy snacks, is you tend to eat more of them (or at least I do), because you tell yourself “I can eat more of this, because it’s HEALTHY” lol

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Your description of Audrey Hepburn reminds me of the movie “Bell, Book and Candle” with Kim Novak and the music was from the coffee house Beat Generation. I grant you the cat was a Siamese but Audrey had her share of ‘beat’ movie roles…*snap* *snap* I so wanted to be her…(You keep mentioning jazz and in the back of my mind I’m thinking “Yes but what kind?)

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I remember the Ally McBeal program–all the way from my former life. The very best song on that whole program was Robert Downey Jr.’s amazing rendition of Joni Mitchell’s “River.” Ah, but now you’re on to Jazz, and beat images, and Audrey Hepburn.

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Jazz, Audrey Hepburn, and healthy snacks. You sound a tad bit like a misplaced beatnik from generations ago. Or an undercover hippie. Adds layers to you, my friend. Really fun layers. Like Shrek. But you’re more torte than onion.

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Sounds like the right strategy for the zero-waste store would be to go in with your containers, fill up the sensibly sized ones with sensible items (because you ought to get the essentials first!) and then coincidentally have only a large container left for snacks. It would be a shame to not use the container to its full potential…

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I’ve never heard of a store like that, where you bring your own containers. I love the concept, though. There are shops with bins where you can buy just a cup of flour if that’s all you need and so on, but they use plastic bags. One or two stores will even sell you small amounts of spices, which I think is especially smart when you are making a recipe that you don’t make often. I don’t think they’re doing any of that right now, due to COVID restrictions, everything is measured out. But I do love the idea of it.

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