Nothing to Report

I’m trying not to read the news. The news is full of stories about the Indian variant of the coronavirus going on something of a rampage, and causing brakes to perhaps be put on the slow journey out of lockdown we had all been on. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out how the variant arrived here – until recently travel to and from India was allowed if you had good enough reason. It’s all rather depressing really.

It’s interesting really – that while the modern world has become so much smaller through the development of affordable methods of travel, it has also ensured that viruses can spread throughout the planet in days or weeks.

In-between working and doing chores, I’ve been tinkering with an old computer at home – or rather, a simulation of an old computer. There is an old laptop sitting on the desk opposite me, suffering from a multiple-personality disorder. It’s running an “emulator” – which transforms it into a Commodore Amiga – a computer that most people haven’t seen for the better part of twenty five years. Don’t ask me why I’m tinkering with it. I don’t really know.

The blog seems to have taken a back-seat in recent days. I’m not really sure why. I tend to go through phases with writing – sometimes I have all manner of ideas, thoughts, or stories to communicate – and then sometimes I have nothing at all.


I have nothing to report today. No great news. Nothing of note has happened. I’ll shut up before I single-handedly induce narcolepsy in enough people for “big data” to expose me as a danger to civilised society. “Most boring man in known universe becomes danger to others”.

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The Indian variant is why Toronto is still in lockdown. School year lost. Next year hybrid again (September). And there are more international flights landing in Toronto than I can count…

But spring has arrived. 🌻🌹🌼
Gardening in the sunshine is a little bit helpful.

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The Indian variant up’s my anxiety too but I don’t think it’s necessarily the same reason why the problems have been more in India recently. It seems like their measures were very lapse early in the year and had not experienced the initial problems we did over the virus and so more relaxed over it. So their surge could be the Kent variant of late. I could be wrong and I guess we’ll find out soon. Either way, let’s hope people can come to be vaccinated at a faster rate than all these new variants coming about. It feels scary and no end in sight at times. I personally have no life other than work and go home. Stay in. Wash, rinse, repeat. At least there’s Eurovision coming up lol. Grateful for small moments.

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I understand. I wrestle with this problem, too. When there’s nothing going on in my life, what can I write about on a personal blog? Hence my current every two week posting schedule. Just waiting for things to happen, I guess. 🤷‍♀️

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Here in the U.S., each State has a great deal of autonomy on how they cope with the virus, and for many states, there is not a damn thing that is going to put the brakes on recovery. My State is one of those, and I am thankful. Our State never really went into a full ass lock down, and my wife and I experienced little in the change of lifestyle. But then, our Governor is pragmatic. There are other states a little more controlling, and will continue lock down into the next decade (or a complete collapse of their State’s economy, whatever comes first).

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America is perhaps unique though, isn’t it – that 80% of the populance are concentrated in three or four coastal states – the rest are very sparely populated in terms of land area per head. I guess the difficulty there is travel over state borders wasn’t locked down both because decisions were made at a local level, and because you had the leader you did for the first year of the pandemic… I wonder what lessons will be learned ?


The situation in India is indeed horrific, and I feel so badly for folks there. My company has had at least 200 ppl infected so far, plus family members. I don’t know how many of those are from our India contingent, but I suspect it is pretty big. That’s about a sixth of our staff. It’s scary.

Here in California we are doing quite well at the moment, but we’ve done quite well before, and I worry that we are opening up too soon. Time will tell. It does feel REALLY nice to be getting together with (vaccinated) friends, but I don’t know how long it will be before I am comfortable going somewhere really crowded again, or even eating inside in a restaurant. Quite awhile I suspect.

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Tinkering with an old computer seems like it could take your mind off the news. You know, the news that you are not watching.
I’ve not heard of this variant, but I honestly NEVER watch the news; I’m just in my own little bubble and no one bothers me.


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