The Early Hours of the Morning

The clock ticked past 1am some time ago. It’s already Thursday morning. I’m playing the age old game of avoiding tomorrow while music quietly plays in the dark of the junk room. There is an empty wine glass alongside the keyboard – it held the remains of a bottle we opened several nights ago.

A line from a book comes to mind – “night is the hardest time to be alive, and 4am knows all my secrets”.

There’s something about the night. Perhaps after our brain has been busy all day, it begins to unwrap increasingly disconnected content as the hours progress – mashing it together and forging new insights, thoughts, hopes, and fears.


It’s late. I have work in the morning. I need to let my brain off it’s leash for the next several hours. Let it dream, before presenting it with breakfast, washing up, email, and conference calls.

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In an interesting bit of synchronicity I was chatting about this with a friend yesterday. Early morning connecting-the-dot moments happen to me with such frequency I’ve started keeping a notebook & pen next to the bed.

Sometimes if I’m struggling with something I’ll think of the question before I drop off and often my brain has an answer for me around 3-4am.

Maybe we just need all the outside noise turned down to let the ‘aha’ moments in?

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More than once I have gone to bed not being able to remember something, and woken up with the answer. The most memorable was a late night conversation with a friend about children’s television music – a theme to a show we had both watched when we were little. Neither of us could remember the theme tune. While making coffee the next morning, I suddenly realised I was humming it.

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When I was 19, the night did not even begin until 4 AM. Today, my night begins before the sun sets. So, here is my point: who defines “night”? When the sun goes down? When your head hits the pillow? When cat burglars ply their trade? In the end, “night” might just fall under the “subjective” category.

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I was up most of Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning, but not because I wanted to. Even in retirement, there are times when I can’t shut off the brain or the night. Maybe I should have gotten up and written a post?

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You know… I’ve never thought of doing that. I tend to just keep going until I’m dog tired, then fall into bed. If I try and go to bed early, I just sit there noodling with a tablet or phone for hours.

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You have such a delightful way with words. Elegantly written! I hope your day was met with a well-rested mind.
I love the nighttime. The day is too busy and jumbled. With calls and pages, constant chatter, faxes, orders, and appointments… makes me appreciate the peace that darkness brings.

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I think it’s a good thing for us all to unwind and connect with ourselves and thoughts away from the daily grind. Imagination is like a comfort friend and although I like thinking and think too much, I often joke about wanting to take a holiday from my own thoughts 🙂

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