After the Storm

The greater part of this week has been spent submerged in an alien computer system – trying to make head or tail of how it works, how it hangs together, and how I might use it going forwards. There have been times when I wondered how far down the rabbit hole went – if I might see the surface again. This afternoon lightbulb after lightbulb switched on in the depths of my fragmented brain, and launched me back towards the surface. I suddenly have stories to tell co-workers, insights to share, and a brave new world to describe.

It’s a relief.

It’s amazing how much energy you expend when you don’t know where you’re going, or what you’re really doing. Hitting google, textbooks, and discussion forums works to an extent, but the only real escape is via knowledge and experience – and they both have to be earned.

I’m shattered.

I’m finding it difficult to concentrate this afternoon. Having climbed to the top of the first mental hill of many I might face over the coming months, I’m wondering about downing tools for a while. It’s difficult – I become my worst enemy at times like this. Now that I have reached the top of the first hill, I can see the next one. The temptation to set out towards it is enormous.

Perhaps I’ll go and make a coffee.

18 replies on “After the Storm”

Iโ€™m reading a book that talks about how the brain can get overworked, which is why we rely on routine. I know thatโ€™s not exactly what you were talking about, but itโ€™s the same kind of thing…when trying to figure out something alien, itโ€™s easy for the brain to become exhausted, this making us exhausted

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Totally agree. I’m kind of reminded that your brain uses a huge percentage of your body’s energy reserves – so it’s no surprise that if you need to use it for any length of time, it’s going to wear you down pretty dramatically.

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My Dad has always been an advocate of adding spirits to coffee – usually Baileys in his case – but I’ve never done it. I know most people are aghast when they discover I typically drink cheap instant supermarket coffee. I get the best aloof looks from coffee snobs ๐Ÿ™‚


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