It’s been four days since I last emptied my head into the keyboard. Almost unheard of. A good friend mentioned earlier that she needs inspiration to write – I replied that in the past writing has often been my happy place. I guess a part of that comes from the chaos that typically surrounds me, and the solitude required to write. Finding a quiet room, and an hour to myself can sometimes be challenging.

This afternoon I’m sitting in the peace and quiet of the junk room (when not being summoned to help lift heavy things, or reach high-up things). We were out for most of the day at the final rugby fixture of the season – a “friendly” about half an hour from home. It seems odd calling it the “final” fixture, because there have only been a handful since lockdown restrictions were lifted somewhat. I wonder what the trickle-down effect of the pandemic will be over the next several years – for a generation of young people, twelve months has essentially been erased from their lives.

I re-started the “Couch to 5K” running programme last week, and everything went well through the first two runs – then somehow on Friday I managed to pull a muscle while reaching down to a clothes basket while hanging washing out, and did something to the achilles tendon on my right leg. It’s a bit swolen, but strangely hurts more while walking than it does while running. I’ll try stretching it over the next few days, and do the next few runs very slowly – to figure out if it’s getting better or worse. If push comes to shove I’ll get out on the bike instead of running for a while.

I watched the first episode of “Breaking Bad” late last night. I’m not really sure why I stayed so far away from it in the past – I guess part of it might be because it deals with drug culture. I’ve known people who fell into that world – it’s almost like a switch flicks in my head when the subject comes up, and I immediately lose interest. Seeing Bryan Cranston shout “F*CK YOU, AND F*CK YOUR EYEBROWS” was pretty funny though.

In other news an entire ant civilization seems to be trying to establish a foothold in our kitchen. Unfortunately for them we are armed with all manner of poisons – which are now distributed in “traps” at strategic locations about the place. It’s difficult – the first instinct is to exterminate them on-sight, but we really need them to take the poison back to the nest to wipe the rest out.

Anyway. I’m rambling.

If I haven’t commented on your blog for a few days, I can only apologise – I’ve been “out of the loop” for the last few days. I will be back. I always return. I just don’t always know how soon.

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It’s good to have writing the blog as like a “happy place” but as well what makes it good is there’s no pressure to post and at times you might want a break from the happy place, even so that it doesn’t add to the chaos.

Hope your leg muscle problem settles down soon and unfortunate when you’ve taken the running up again. You might need to rest it for a while and re group with the running later.

I’ve never related to the drug culture, either as I was never exposed to it and I’m a bit straight laced in some ways compared to a lot of people. I recall being surprised when on an internet meet with a guy once a few years back and had shared how I’d never tried weed and he offered to go grab some from his car there and then for me. I declined the offer lol.

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Breaking Bad is one of my all time faves.

Good luck with the ants! I was fighting a losing battle with ours. Finally Terminix came for their every 3 months visit, found where two trails of them were climbing up the side of the house and put a stop to that. Haven’t seen any inside since. Knock on wood.

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I avoided Breaking Bad, too. I am not much for following the likes of the masses normally. I have been out of touch a bit myself. Sorry you injured yourself. Take it easy as you get back on solid footing.

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So weird how we have that in common but I’ve avoided Breaking Bad for exactly the same reason. I still can’t bring myself to watch it. I can’t complete the Couch to 5k without your encouragement so hope that muscle sorts itself out. Xx

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Fingers crossed, I’ll be back running tomorrow. I’ve stayed off it for most of today. Doing the Couch to 5k with you is as much motivation for me to get off my backside, as it is to keep you company 🙂

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Breaking Bad is hands-down the best TV drama of all time. Believe the hype.

No need to reach for the poison…just spread some baby powder around the perimeter where you have ants coming in. They won’t walk across it (and your house will smell fresh and clean).

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It’s kind of funny how we can do all sorts of sports and active things, and not get injured; but it’ll be mundane household tasks that get us!

I’m also at war with ants, but mine seem to only be sending endless scouts. No battalions yet. Hope you’re having some luck with your ant bait!

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