Where did the weekend go ?

It’s Friday evening, and the “week off” has vanished. I’m wondering where it went. The last few days are a mental jumble of running, working on the garden, doing chores, and jumping down internet rabbit holes.

In-between the usual mayhem, I have been slowly falling back into the clutches of Medium – writing essays, and publishing them into their partner programme. Choosing subjects that people might be interested in is something of a mystery to me at the moment – a little like throwing spaghetti at the wall to find out what sticks. I wrote a throw-away piece yesterday that gained immediate traction – then spent all morning today writing a well researched long-form piece, published it, and waited for several hours. Nothing. It’s all a bit of a mystery.

I have to keep telling myself that Medium is very different than WordPress. Where blogs are very much about the “here and now”, essays are more about ideas and thoughts – they float around for longer in the content delivery machine, and unexpectedly re-surface months after you’ve written them. An article I wrote in January suddenly earned over a hundred dollars last month. I’m guessing it caught the wave of a trending topic somewhere.

I guess the take-away is that I’m writing again. That’s good, right? I suppose I’m not posting here though, and I’m not “present” on social media though.

Saying that, I finally started playing with “stories” on Instagram this week – the self destroying photos that only live for a little while. I was sitting in McDonalds with my youngest daughter (our first meal out together for 18 months!), waiting for her to finish. I didn’t realise you can have the story photos appear both on your Instagram wall, and on Facebook as a “story”. It’s all tremendously confusing.

Anyway. I should probably be writing something of consequence, rather than emptying my head here. I guess this keeps me sane though. I will be back soon, honest.

18 replies on “Where did the weekend go ?”

Your ‘where did the weekend go’ made me think of this song that I love, by my much loved first husband, David Bowie.

I have Facebook and Instagram and gosh, no idea why one would do a story, but I do see them sometimes. Of course, there was a time that I didn’t see why anyone would have a blog, and now I’ve had one for over 15 years…with times that I wrote at least once a day for years, and other times when I wrote maybe a couple of times a year. The urge does come and go.

I know nothing about Medium…hmmm.

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That’s great you’re being paid to blog elsewhere over I guess juicier stuff than here lol. It’s lovely that you’re getting paid to write, though. That would be a dream come true for me but most people I think just glaze over my writing. Hard to know up to now though over LJ I know but I think would be wonderful to get paid so go you and well done :p I sometimes share my fave Tik Tok content videos at a story on fb as seems like it’s random over an option over it (relative to newsfeed) but I didn’t know it sent it to Insta too, haha.

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My niece was earning a nice bit of change on Medium – since I have no contact with my biological family, reading her stuff on Medium (and other social media) is the only way I have of keeping track of her. Oddly she hasn’t ‘published’ since March, which is unusual for her. Medium is a pay site so not exactly blogging, like here. Sort of like a subscription magazine?

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Sometimes it’s these ‘head emptying’ sessions that help spark something in your ‘real’ writing. I take all forms of writing as writing, and I don’t discriminate. Wishing you all the best things with your own writing journey!


This is really useful as I’ve set up on medium a few months ago, posted one thing but then never went back to it as I haven’t long been blogging on WordPress and wanted to give that my attention…but I didn’t know that the kind of content posted on medium is more researched articles than general musing, I shall have to pick my publications carefully! Thanks.

I’m trying to get into Instagram but it’s hard work, I wasn’t active on social media for so many years and I do find it difficult to share sometimes, but I’m getting better at putting myself out there. Never done a story though, maybe one to try to push my comfort zone.


I’ve never tried writing anything for Medium so I’m fascinated to learn your take on it. I know that I find it time-consuming enough to write in WP let alone try a different medium, so I am impressed with your efforts. I’m on IG but find it difficult to want to be there. Everyone’s photos are nice, but I forget about it for weeks.


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