A Week Without Words

I’m struggling to remember the last time this blog saw my absence for as many consecutive days. I would love to say “I’ve been busy having all manner of adventures in order to regale you with them”, but that wouldn’t be true at all. For the last week I’ve been existing. Getting up. Working. Making meals. Washing clothes. Doing chores. It’s difficult to make daily life sound exciting when so many have been enduring a similar existence for the last year and a half.

I haven’t been running since last Monday – a mystery pain appeared in my right knee just before the morning run – I probably shouldn’t have run on it, but I did. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. I’ve been paying for it ever since. I’m hoping I’ll be ok to run again next week – just taking it slowly. It’s frustrating, after just getting back into the “Couch to 5K” programme.

I’m wondering about getting out on the bike to strengthen my knees. For the last twenty years I have cycled to work – but since the pandemic hit, the office closed, I’ve worked from home, and I have got on the bike only a handful of times. I have no idea how much muscle mass I’ve lost.

In other news, I’ve joined a damn fool weight loss challenge with my middle daughter. Granted, I’m a little overweight – let’s call it “padding” – but not a lot. She has more to lose so will (hopefully) lose more than me, allowing her to crow endlessly about it – which will of course be a good thing. I’ve set her the goal of losing a number of pounds, and getting fit before the end of the summer. I’ve also said I’ll do exercises with her in the week (bang goes my lunchtime noodling around on the internet). I imagine we’ll be dancing around in the garden doing jumping jacks or whatever the hell else she wants to attempt to kill me with.

Before you jump down my throat about encouraging my daughter to lose weight or get fit, and cancel me for being a toxic lunatic – there is a motive. She is in the middle of a two year college course, and on a path to a career in the uniformed services (police, etc). She has knocked it out of the park during the first year – earning distinctions through the academic part of the course. Next year the focus will change to the physical – so turning up in great shape will give her a HUGE head start. It will also of course help her with playing and refereeing rugby matches (yes, she does both).

In other news, I’ve been painting a shed. Or rather, a Wendy House. I’m not sure if “Wendy House” is an international term. In the UK, if you have a play house in your garden (a small shed), it is called a “Wendy House”, after the house made by the lost boys for Wendy to live in, in the book of Peter Pan by J M Barrie. We have a Wendy House that was given to us when the children were young – that became a “Pirate Hideout” for several years, before eventually becoming a garden store. Anyway. I started painting it today. Grey. A flat colour to make it fall into the background of the garden.

We’ve also been digging a pond in the garden. Before children we had a wildlife pond at the end of the garden with numerous fish, frogs, dragonflies, and whatever else living in it – it had to go when the children were small for obvious reasons. They’re grown up now – and digging a massive hold in the garden doesn’t cost very much – so it’s back. At the moment the only things in it are some worms that fell in, and a few pond skaters that have discovered it. Over the coming weeks – as we can afford it, or as people donate plants to us – we are planting the area around the pond. Once it’s established we’ll fill it with fish, and then setup the machine gun posts to shoot Herons on-sight.


It’s getting late. I’m going to go eat cereals, and watch rubbish television for a bit. My other half is curled up on sofa – she had her second Covid shot yesterday – the side effects have arrived today. Not as bad as the first time, but still making her feel a bit rubbish.

P.s. I’m furloughed Monday through Wednesday for the next few weeks. Expect blog posts.

28 replies on “A Week Without Words”

Oooh! A pond, with critters. I’d love a little spot like that, with intense attention, the objective of which is a little corner of beauty. I’ll get there some day. For now, it’s slogging about putting in vegetables, and paths and trees. When it’s done, (the pond), please post photos.

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I looked in on the pond last night (it’s at the far end of the garden), and it was teaming with pond scaters, and various other bugs – and there’s hardly any plant life in it yet ๐Ÿ™‚

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Iโ€™m definitely packing a few extra pounds, and while Iโ€™m against fat shaming, there is also nothing wrong with wanting to drop a few pounds if itโ€™s adversely affecting your life. Weโ€™ve gotten too obsessed with what we do or donโ€™t weigh. You can love your body but still think eating less sugar would be better for your health. I know I totally deviated, but your comment about losing weight in tandem with your daughter just stuck out to me

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I thought if I did the whole weight loss thing with her, it would encourage her (to beat me). I’m not hugely out of shape anyway – I’m just not as fit as I could be ๐Ÿ™‚ (lets blame the pandemic lol)

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There’s nothing wrong with encouraging physical fitness and physical activity in one’s offspring. I think it’s a good thing! We recently dug a pond at the allotment but I’m not sure what plants to put in it. Can you recommend anything?

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I find that the less often I write blog posts, the more I have something to say when I do write one. A paradox I suppose. I didn’t know about Wendy Houses. Around here they’re called She Sheds, but your name is better because of the literary connection.

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A Wendy House! I love that so much more than our name for them…”She Shed”. I’ll have to tell my friend who is always talking about her She Shed. She’s 80-yo so will get a kick out of knowing it is a Wendy House.

It’s perfectly fine to encourage your child to lose weight and get fit. What is bad is when parents shame their child about their weight or forbid them to eat candy and cake (or whatever) because then they just sneak off to eat it and eat way too much of it. I think it’s great that in addition to encouraging your daughter you also join in the exercise with her.

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