Wednesday Night

It’s late on Wednesday night (or early on Thursday morning, if we want to be accurate). I’m sitting in the dark of the study in silence – the rest of the family have already gone to bed. All I can hear is the blood pumping through my ears, and the drumming of my fingers on the keyboard.

After several days feeling terrible, along with my youngest daughter, she went for a COVID test yesterday morning, and we received the results late last night – negative. Although I suspected it was a seasonal flu type virus, it was nice to get confirmation. It’s all too easy to begin counting symptoms, and comparing against the fear, uncertainty and doubt pedalled across social media by self-proclaimed experts.

Trust in science. Always trust in science.

On that subject, I fell down an internet rabbit hole earlier this evening – watching a series of “debates” at Speaker’s Corner in London, where various religious people had filmed themselves or others arguing tooth and nail that their beliefs were more valid that those of the other person. Something struck me about almost every conversation I watched – when some people are faced with difficult questions, they re-frame the question to one they can answer advantageously to their position, and few people seem to realise they have done it.

In other news I went for a run with my daughter early this afternoon. I had worked through lunch (I usually do), and her middle-sister had let her down, so I found myself volunteering to accompany her. She’s in the early weeks of the “Couch to 5K” programme, so intentionally let her lead the way, and just provided inane conversation and hilarity along the way. It’s just nice to spend time with her, to be honest – to see her out of the house, in the world after so long hiding away. She’s not brave enough to run every time on her own yet, but she’s getting there.

Late this evening we heard “huffing and puffing” in the back garden, so quietly tip-toed out to see what was going on. Two hedgehogs were circling each other. The kids asked if they were going to fight, or mate – I had to admit I had no idea. I think they’ve gone about their business now. It was just nice to see hedgehogs in the garden again – they have been visiting the garden for the last twenty years, and yet we haven’t seen them for a few months until recently. We wondered if they had gone.


It’s getting late. I should probably go get some sleep.

3 replies on “Wednesday Night”

Did you get a COVID test as well? Glad your daughters was negative. It’s been nice not getting any colds over the last 15 or so months, but my daughter came home from work sick yesterday (or is it allergies? Not sure) so there we are.

Nice to run with your daughter. On weekends we like to go for long walks together. 🙂


Glad to hear you’ve dodged the scourge, yet again. Sorry you’re under the weather, keep well. And how lovely to run with your daughter. It was over five decades ago that I began running–to keep my mum company. It stuck, and I ran, or swam, until my late 40s, when an injury slowed me down. You’re demonstrating habits that enrich lives–build stronger bodies, and help to deal, in a natural way, with the pressures of life, stress and anxiety. Keep up the good work.


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