Strange Dreams and Fond Memories

I dreamed last night that I worked at an office a few miles from home that I cycled to. The route took me over a bridge – the only one for miles – and that bridge was closed for some reason. It may have even been removed. In the strange way that dreams dissolve hour by hour, the minor details have already gone.

I cycled across the river. Yes, you read that right. It wasn’t a “walking on water” feat of improbability – the bike was half submerged – but somehow the bike held my weight, and although I got wet feet and legs, I was able to cycle across the river.

Sadly I don’t remember anything else.

On a completely different and entirely unconnected subject, after cutting the lawn this morning (disrupted by the lawnmower packing up), I was talking to my other half about childhood memories. I’m not sure how the conversation came up. We started listing off the odd things that have stuck in our mind for the rest of our lives.

I remember going on a trip with my Dad one day – I would have been less than 10 years old – and stopping at a road-side cafe (a “Little Chef”) for something to eat. Given that we didn’t have much back then, and my experience of the wider world was almost zero, that meal has stuck in my mind for the rest of my life. Chips, beans, egg, and sausage. I can remember the salt and pepper coming from paper sachets, and the pepper being ground black pepper – which I had never seen before.

Another memory we both laughed about – and something I have not seen for at least twenty years – novelty ketchup bottles on café tables. When I was young, if you ever went to a café for something to eat, they would invariably have plastic squeezy ketchup bottles on the table. In a strange sort of way, those bottles were “exciting”, because we didn’t have anything like that at home. I remember sometimes the plastic bottles would even look like a giant tomato.

Finally, who remembers “salt and shake” crisps? A normal bag of plain potato crisps, with a small dark blue paper sachet inside containing salt. They are burned into my memories as “special” in some way. While recounting the memory, we both laughed about the final crisps in the packet turning you inside out, because most of the salt had settled among them.

What strange memories about going out, or things that were “special” have stuck in your head from your childhood ?

4 replies on “Strange Dreams and Fond Memories”

I wouldn’t say it was special but I once got locked in handcuffs with my younger sister by accident as kids lol. It’s a memory I always think of to questions like this over memories and it made for a story to tell :p As far as a similar one goes, going for my first McDonalds and coming away with a little goodie bag package of pen/rubber/pencil set. It was a lovely treat for me over first time hearing of McDonalds 🙂


I don’t tend to remember the good stuff as much as I remember my mother’s disappointment. It’s a sad reality sometimes, but one I’m finally learning to accept and deal with


When I was very little, a girl fell into an abandoned copper mine, and died. The area was full of spent mines, and my grandmother had a fit–harranging us to watch our step in the forest. I imagined falling into a deep hole and being stuck there. (In fact, most of the mines were full of water, the the girl who died had actually drowned.) I was an anxious little thing, and to address my view of the mine hazard, I began filling my pockets with sealed restaurant packets of catsup. I figured I could survive for some time, carefully parceling out my supplies. It seemed like astronaut food, those sealed, single-serving packets. For some reason, I felt the need to conceal my preparations. This meant emptying my pockets whenever an adult might discover my plan–you know, for laundry or whatever. It was a summer ritual that went on for several years, before my siblings figured out what I was doing, and ridiculed me into reality.


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