Before you know it

I meant to write something on Friday. And then I didn’t. I meant to write something over the weekend. And then I didn’t. A pattern is forming. I suppose in the past I would have written something about falling off a bike, or a horse, or some other vaguely workable idiom.

Before you know it a day has passed, then another, and another.

I miss writing. I miss the “tribe” that so many talk about. I miss being a part of the circle. Life is just getting in the way at the moment.

We are travelling down to my parents next week for a few days – perhaps the break will reset the writing bug inside me, and recharge the impulse to empty my head into the keyboard once again.

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I’m having a similar problem. My mum is with us for the summer, which would be lovely, except that the purpose is so that she can undergo radiation therapy. The days are spent back and forth to treatments, and cooking things that she can tolerate. There are many more hours in there, but somehow, I’m not getting anything done with them. This is the last week of what will have been two months. As soon as she can catch the wind in her sails, she’s eager to head home to her regular life and her puppy. I’m looking forward to a little normal, too. Maybe then, I can blog.

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