After a month spent hiding in a quiet corner of the Tumblrverse, I suppose these words signal a return to normality of sorts. A return to the madding crowd – or the periphery of it at least.

A good friend messaged me this morning while I dithered about back-filling journal entries from the recent past – “you’re allowed to change your mind”.

In a somewhat connected turn of events, I wandered into Twitter last night, stood on a chair, and looked around. For the last year or so I’ve only followed a handful of accounts – bloggers, and close friends. After an hour of quite spectacular undecided hand-wringing, I began searching out new voices. Some thoughtful publications, influential thinkers, and old friends. Before setting off into the rabbit hole, I commented to a friend that Twitter was a slippery slope – and so it proved to be. By midnight I found myself sitting in bed, lit by my phone screen, following a hundred more feeds than I had earlier in the evening.

While scrolling Twitter, I began to understand it’s attraction. Life – in all it’s forms – distilled to it’s essence. When you only have a few words to communicate your thoughts, the baggage tends to get cast off. I found myself absorbed in all manner of victories, losses, births, deaths, thoughts, debates, dreams, hopes, happiness, anger, and everything in-between.


I’m back. I suppose in some ways I was never really gone.

10 replies on “Returning”

I feel the same way about twitter. I use it mostly as entertainment but if you look long enough (and unfollow all the ones that suck your energy out) you might find a bit of humour, a bit of wisdom, some kinship. It depends… I pick and choose and unfollow regularly. 😉

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That’s the thing though – sometimes the short version is enough to draw us in – and those that write more often have somewhere else where they unpack what they really wanted to say.


I go through phases on Twitter. I’ll get into it for a couple of weeks then forget it exists for months. Depends on what is going on in the world at any particular time.

I’m currently in the “What is Twitter?” phase.

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I had a Twitter okay I will correct that; I do have one. Had one for years. Then as life changed it lost its appeal. About 6months ago began again. Refreshed it and well it sits. I sometimes think should put my blog back on or if there’s away to share my writings safely. Yes it sounds like you’re back.

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