Emergencies and Subscriptions

The clock is ticking towards 11pm, and you find me sitting in the dark of the junk room, listening to a retro radio station. It’s been a bit of a day, and it isn’t over yet.

After getting through the third lengthy meeting of the day this morning, I pulled the headset from my head, pulled some shoes on, and set off towards the infant school where my other half works – stopping to purchase some lunch on the way.

We sat outside in the sunshine – a quiet corner the teachers often seek out to find a little calm on typically chaotic days. While relating the story of each other’s mornings the headmistress of the school’s face appeared around a nearby door.

“Can I interrupt your lunch? We’ve got a bit of a first aid emergency”

I said goodbye and made my way home.

Several hours later my other half returned from work and told me a little more of the story – a fall in the playground, and a badly broken arm. She worried about him all evening, until receiving word from the headmistress. School staff don’t so much take their home, as never really leave.

This evening my middle daughter is working as a waitress at the rugby club annual dinner. Paying the under-18s to staff the senior team annual dinner was a new idea this year. Given that she already works as a waitress in a pub in town, she had no concerns at all.

My other half went to pick her up two hours ago, and hasn’t returned – I imagine lots of other parents have arrived to pick up their children, and have stopped to catch up with each other.

I therefore find myself almost alone at home. Our youngest went with my other half – her nosiness known no bounds. Our eldest is secreted in her room, watching anime or reading manga. She rarely makes appearances.

Perhaps it’s time to play some old video games. Anybody for a quick game of Pacman ?

Postscript ~ middle daughter just got home, with £100 in her pocket. She’s predictably very cheerful indeed.

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