The Lunchtime Reunion

For the first time in two years I met up with some of my co-workers at lunchtime for something to eat. It seemed very strange being in each other’s company rather than on the end of a video conference call, but after a few minutes we all relaxed, caught up with each other, and grinned while reminiscing about working in an office.

It’s been interesting – working from home. I’ve never had a problem with it, but then software development tends to suit isolation better than many other careers. While working on a project you to work alone anyway – communication with your peers becomes sporadic at best. I remember one particular project several years ago when I found myself turning up in the morning, writing code all day, and leaving on an evening without interacting with anybody at all – for weeks on end.

I guess working alone very much depends what sort of person you are too – your personality. I’ve always been happy enough in my own company, but I’m only too aware that many others need more.

I wonder if the lunchtime meetup will become a regular occurrence? I wouldn’t mind; at least it would tick the box labelled “Jonathan should get out more”.

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