Cutting Most of my Hair Off

I downed tools a few minutes ago for the first time today (read: pushed back away from the work laptop), emptied the washing machine, filled the washing machine again, hung washing on the line, made a sandwich, and then cut most of my hair off. Yes, you read that right — I cut most of my hair off.

I started cutting my own hair after we went into lockdown. After a careful perusal of the various hair cutting implements available on Amazon, I chose a fairly cheap set of clippers with lots of half-decent reviews. It’s worked so far. The joke offering to cut other people’s hair — particularly my daughters — is rapidly establishing “Dad Joke” status. Given that I only know one style (“all of it off”), I very much doubt I’ll be going into business as a barber any time soon.

I did manage to cut my head with the hair clippers. Don’t ask me how.

While writing this and sipping coffee I’m listening to Jazz on the big speaker in the junk room. I expect my late father-in-law will be looking down smiling at my continuing interest in Jazz — he was a life-long fan. We went with him on several river-boat cruises with live bands over the years. I blame a blogger friend for this current escapade; she pointed me towards a rainy day jazz channel on YouTube some time ago.

In other news, our middle daughter is working again this evening — waitressing at one of the big pubs in town. I’m already wondering if we might wander down for a drink when she finishes her shift.

I suppose I should get on with some work…

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