Seeking Solitude

I’m becoming increasingly fed up with being called upon to help others with stuff (outside of my direct family, obviously). While it feels good to be able to help, there comes a point where you just wish you had a little time to yourself, and wished others would take a bit of responsibility in learning how to do things for themselves.

I guess the real problem I have is those that take advantage of others. People who take, without giving back. It seems their entire existence is predicated on that which they can take from others, who they might use, and situations they might exploit.

Maybe my feelings are a natural “awakening”, from the point of view of somebody that has always been independent, and largely self-taught – realising that some people don’t so much “not know”, as much as “have no intention of really learning”.

I’m just tired. Tired of interacting with others when it’s not really an interaction – it’s a payment. I wish sometimes I was sought out just to see how I’m doing, rather than because somebody wants something from me.

Anyway. I’ll stop complaining. At least complaining to nobody in particular gave me something to write about, right?

4 replies on “Seeking Solitude”

Sounds like you have a hard time saying “no”. And you’re quite responsible. The combination is something that draws others in–even life leeches. I’ve had the same problem, and frankly, I’m learning that not agreeing to do things isn’t such a bad thing.

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I’m with Dayle…sounds like you will have to learn to say no a bit more often. Especially when it comes to those who wantonly ignore opportunities to learn to do for themselves. Frustrating, and they likely will try to make you feel guilty about it.

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