Day Four

Based on the very unscientific method of counting back to when the aches and temperature first appeared, this is day four of COVID, and my body appears to be staging a remarkable fightback. As long as I sit quietly, the aches and pains appear to be leaving me alone. As soon as I try and… Continue reading Day Four


No More Subscribe by Email

If you have been receiving my blog posts via email, I'm afraid your regular updates are about to end. I had been using "Mailchimp" to deliver them recently, and unfortunately it looks like Mailchimp just got acquired by Intuit. I hate this aspect of American culture - the rampaging capitalism that eventually destroyes anything and… Continue reading No More Subscribe by Email

After Effects

After receiving the first COVID vaccine injection on Sunday evening, the side effects began mid-morning on Monday. Throughout Monday, my body began to slowly seize up. The famous "aches and pains" friends and neighbours had talked about. I didn't think much about it until lunchtime, when I decided to walk to the corner shop and… Continue reading After Effects