After the Storm

The greater part of this week has been spent submerged in an alien computer system – trying to make head or tail of how it works, how it hangs together, and how I might use it going forwards. There have been times when I wondered how far down the rabbit hole went – if I might see the surface again. This afternoon lightbulb after lightbulb switched on in the depths of my fragmented brain, and launched me back towards the surface. I suddenly have stories to tell co-workers, insights to share, and a brave new world to describe.

It’s a relief.

It’s amazing how much energy you expend when you don’t know where you’re going, or what you’re really doing. Hitting google, textbooks, and discussion forums works to an extent, but the only real escape is via knowledge and experience – and they both have to be earned.

I’m shattered.

I’m finding it difficult to concentrate this afternoon. Having climbed to the top of the first mental hill of many I might face over the coming months, I’m wondering about downing tools for a while. It’s difficult – I become my worst enemy at times like this. Now that I have reached the top of the first hill, I can see the next one. The temptation to set out towards it is enormous.

Perhaps I’ll go and make a coffee.



It’s Friday afternoon, with a bank holiday weekend stretched out ahead. I’m just taking a break from work for a few minutes to write this. It’s been a strange sort of week – filled with source code, testing, integration, head scratching, and quite a lot of frowning.

Rain is gently falling outside. Late yesterday the rain arrived suddenly – with a flash of lightning and clap of thunder. The internet connection dropped out instantaneously, and didn’t return for half an hour. It dropped out again earlier today for half an hour or so. I took it as a sign, and stopped for lunch.

I’m looking forward to a relaxed few days off, but fear that might not happen. The inlaws are visiting over the weekend at some point for lunch – and the lounge is filled with six months worth of things not put away by the rest of the family. I imagine tempers will flare on the part of everybody involved when asked to do something about it. We have somehow amassed more jigsaws and board games than most large toy shops, and my other half has slowly transferred more crafting projects than I knew existed in the universe into the lounge.

I sometimes wonder how the kids would react if I picked up the various things they have left on the floor, and threw them as hard as possible at the wall… cups, plates, mugs, glasses – all of it – smashed to bits in front of them. Shoes and clothes thrown directly into the rubbish bin. They would end up in their underwear, eating directly from saucepans with their bare hands within days.

I’m listening to Spotify again. Idina Menzel today. I haven’t listened to her in a while. She’s singing “I see you”. It’s kind of wonderful.


Monkeys and Music

I was going to go for a run this morning, but after realising the temperature was already nearly 30C at 8am, thought “maybe not”. Any thoughts of running this evening went out of the window when the humidity cranked itself up.

I chopped all my hair off again.

Our daughter has been clearing her bedroom out – which has resulted in my re-acquisition of an amigurumi monkey that my other half made me about fifteen years ago. He’s never had a name – he’s sitting on my desk now, under the desk lamp. It looks like he’s sitting under a sun lamp, working on his tan.

I’ve been listening to music all week while working. Loud music. I think this is probably a reaction to having my own work-space – we were never allowed music in the office. Now I have a continual stream of whatever music I want. After a few days listening to 80s stuff I started to get a bit bored of it, but a happy accident landed a new Alanis Morrissette album in front of me via Spotify, and then Wilson Phillips randomly made an appearance.

Oh, how I used to adore Wilson Phillips. Can’t imagine why 🙂


On Call

It’s Friday, and you find me holed up in the junk room at home, putting together another quiz. This evening the company I work for are having a “virtual social” on Zoom, and I volunteered myself as quiz-master. Although I have run several quizes recently, I’m putting together an entirely new set of questions, so the rest of my family can take part.

While I work on the quiz, the younger children are heading into town to get some groceries. I can’t really go anywhere today – even though I’m not working – because I have agreed to be “on call” for any support issues at work. I wasn’t planning on going anywhere, so it’s not really a hardship.

While tidying the junk room up yesterday I fished the old iMac out, and powered it up. It’s over 20 years old now, and STILL WORKS. I keep wondering if I should give it away to somebody that might get some use out of it, but can never quite bring myself to part with it. I keep telling myself I’ll use it for writing, but I never quite get around to it.

I bought a game for the kids to play yesterday – a crafting and exploration game on Steam called “Starbound”. After not hearing anything from our eldest for a few hours, I checked in on her, and discovered her still playing it – so it can’t be that bad. If I make some time later, I might have a look at it myself.

Finally, I watched the movie “Midway” last night. I hate to say it, but it’s nowhere near as good as the version made in the 1970s with Charlton Heston. Yes, the new movie has got spectacular special effects (which look very fake), but it has none of the strategic maneouvering that is covered so well in the older movie. The dive bombing scenes were unintentionally hilarious – with the age-old “every time we cut back to see the ground coming, we’re still as far away from it as last time we looked”… I swear – some of the dive bombing runs fell through the same altitudes four or five times.


This post was a bit random, wasn’t it.

Although I’m only posting every other day at the moment, life goes on. We’re still running, and I’m still cycling fairly regularly. Work is down to three days a week at the moment, which strangely means that I’m struggling to figure out which day of the week it is. We’re all well though, so we can’t complain.