Experimenting with Email

I breathed life back into my dormant substack account this morning. If you’ve not heard of Substack, it’s become the darling of the resurgent fashion to publish to the internet via email newsletters.

I wonder if e-mail newsletters are a reaction to “big data” – a rejection to being tracked, followed, funnelled, and traced across every corner of the internet. I suppose in some ways they are a more elegant tool for a more civilised age. Oh, hang on – that’s lightsabers, isn’t it.

A rather crafty trick up Substack’s sleeve is paid posts. You can choose to put particular posts behind a paywall, and require paid subscriptions if you so wish. Apparently lots of journalists are already doing it – leaving platforms such as Medium, and taking a little more control of their destiny.

Anyway – if you trek over to you will discover a simulcra of the posts I have published elsewhere, with the added advantage of really quite wonderfully formatted emails that automagically take flight around the world whenever I choose to pollute the internet a little more.

If you’re already signed up to receive the emails, hopefully you now realise why you got this slightly random email from me.

I’m still experimenting with technical writing over at Medium. They have a revenue programme where you can make money from your writing. I cleared about $200 last month, which got halved after taxes and exchange rate conversions. While it was interesting to explore the “writing for money” world, it did seem like something of a race to the bottom in terms of creativity, honesty, and transparency. You quickly run out of insightful or interesting subjects to write about and find yourself manufacturing utter garbage in pursuit of a few pence here and there.

It seems I’ve written altogether too much about not much at all once again. It’s become a skill of sorts.

Go visit Substack and subcribe. Hell – go join substack, import your blog, and let me know – I’ll subscribe.